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The SWTSC is a non-profit Voluntary organization which provides an industry and law enforcement partnership which:

  • Improves Transportation-Cargo Security
  • Serves as a clearinghouse and platform for incidents and information concerning Regional Cargo Issues
  • Assists with voluntary initiatives by government and the private sector
  • Represents all modes of the transportation industry including shippers, carriers,insurers, forwarders, warehousing and transportation security providers
  • Increases communiication between law enforcement and the industry
  • Establish Law Enforcement points of contact who works transportation related offenses
  • Provides training and education to law enforcement personnel through seminars and schlorships
  • Provides assistance to law enforcement with major recoveries and sting operations
  • Provides timely alerts, BOLOs and informational messages to a member distribution list
  • Assist Law Enforcement with Commercial Vehicle Drug Interdiction investigations and training
  • Provides infoshare with National Transportation Associations, the Supply Chain-Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the other Regional Councils



The SWTSC was formed in 1999 after six Transportation Security Managers from different transportation companies met in Dallas, Texas. The meeting was in response to the issue of a lack of communication between transportation companies and law enforcement concerning criminal offenses involving the supply chain and the transportation infrastructure. The meeting lead to the formation of this organization and a partnership being developed with law enforcement and other industry councils. The SWTSC developed a regional BOLO and alert notification system which over a period of time has grown into a very essential element of a growing national information sharing network.